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The Holy Broken

Simi Valley, CA

Welcome to the Official Store for THE HOLY BROKEN!

Welcome to the Official Store for THE HOLY BROKEN!

A four-piece Blues/Rock/Soul band from West San Fernando Valley, CA – The

Holy Broken is a band built on unity, superb talent and genuine love & respect for

the music they create and share with others. Starting out originally in pursuit of

forming a band to play cover-tunes, the four members quickly discovered their

unique sound & connection to each other...that the bond between them and the

music they were making was fast becoming something truly special and inspiring

them to create songs of their own.

Influenced by the classic Blues style of BB King to the sheer Rock & Soul sounds

of Jimi Hendrix – The Holy Broken are just as inspired by the recent electrifying-

sounds of The Black Keys, Jack White, Alabama Shakes & many more. Currently

comprised of Scott Persico (Guitar), Kevin Browne (Drums), Toby Keil (Bass),

and Giovanny Blanco (Vocals) – The Holy Broken is currently playing live-shows

throughout the city & beyond as they continue to define their sound and begin to

write their own stunning new originals.

With strong-musicianship and talent coming from every corner of the band and a

natural rhythm & groove that continues to get stronger over their time together;

the invitational-sound, style and music of The Holy Broken has a charismatic,

gravitational-pull that is able to bring people together for an incredible

experience in all-out entertainment. Having just released their first album “Truck

Stop Mixtape Live” these – these four amazing players have found a real home

and vibe of their own...one that truly resonates within the people and brings-out

the real magic in music through their rockin’ style & relatable sound as The Holy